Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To The Rescue ~ by Elise Lufkin

I love the idea of this book! As an animal lover, I’ve had my own fair share of rescue animals. And they are awesome! So is this book. To the Rescue, Found Dogs with a Mission, is written by Elise Lufkin with photographs by Diana Walker. It tells the stories of amazing dogs (and one cat) who’ve been rescued from shelters everywhere, and who’ve become working, therapy, and assistive animals. Many of them have had great adversity of their own to overcome, suffering from abuse, accidents, neglect, etc.

This would be a wonderful book for anyone who loves animals! For anyone who believes in second chances. For anyone who has ever had a furry companion. Speaking from personal experience, I had the privilege of receiving a visit from a therapy dog when I was in the hospital for my last miscarriage. I cannot begin to describe how wonderful and comforting that was for me. This books is full of stories that represent what that was to me.

On a side note, but very important… Elise Lufkin donates all profits from her books to shelters and other animal-related organizations. She believes that her books can make a difference to at least some of the millions of animals otherwise destroyed each year in shelters and animal control facilities, as well as to the many strays that never even reach shelters, living out their lives on the streets, suffering from hunger, abuse and early death. She started a humane education program in the local school system, and initiated a project socializing shelter dogs in order to make them more adoptable.


To the Rescue
By Elise Lufkin
Photos By Diana Walker

Lufkin and Diana Walker once again present a moving collection of profiles, in beautiful, duotone photographs and moving text, of dogs that have found new lives after being “throw away” dogs. Each dog (and one cat) profiled has had a rough past, suffering abuse or extreme neglect at the hands of humans. Each has been rescued, some literally from death row, by someone who recognized something special in him or her.

The animals featured here have not only thrived in their new home. They have gone on to become therapy dogs for hospitals and nursing homes; reading partners for children; friends to at-risk teens and injured veterans; service dogs for the deaf, blind, or disabled; arson dogs; and even search-and-rescue dogs.

Some of these special dogs are disabled, blind, deaf, missing limbs, but they don’t seem to know it. These spunky, happy animals have repaid the kindness of their rescuers in spades, bringing the therapy of love, acceptance, hope and solace to people in need. And always these dogs inspire their already generous owners as well as everyone they come in contact with as they cheerfully spread their good will and joyful spirits.


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