Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Gentlemen's Conspiracy ~ by Nick Daniels

I’ve just finished reading The Gentlemen’s Conspiracy, the first novel by Nick Daniels. The story was quite thrilling overall. However, I personally had a hard time following it in the beginning and had difficulty in keeping straight the numerous characters (English & French, noblemen, commoners, clergy, and intellectuals) and the present-time/flashback jumping. By the middle of the book, I finally had a grasp on it all and found that it really was good with a gripping plot and controversial mystery.

It is dramatic, and expertly exposes the lie of a widely accepted belief system. The ending was powerful, with the last line being positively explosive! Others may or may not have the same difficulty in following in the beginning, but I can say for sure that this book is definitely not brain-candy. It will require thought and even possibly an examination of personal beliefs. It is fascinating!


The Gentlemen’s Conspiracy
By Nick Daniels

LONDON, 1836

When amateur geologist Daniel Young inquires about his friend’s murder, he discovers a plot to overthrow the king of England.

Plunged into a crisis of faith and separated from the woman he loves, Daniel must stop the killer before becoming his next victim. He soon realizes that the conspiracy not only threatens to destroy the king, but the foundation of Christianity itself.


  1. Sounds like a great book! Please sign me up for the contest! stinarose(at)bell(dot)net

  2. This is a book that looks very intriguing! I love mysteries and it's a bonus that it is good Christian reading. Sign me up for the give away!