Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio ~ by Diamond Rio

I have long been a fan of country music group Diamond Rio and jumped on the chance to read and review their new book. Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio, by Diamond Rio with Tom Roland is the story of the band together from their early and humble beginning, to success and superstardom, to what was nearly the demise of the band. It is unique in that it is told collaboratively with individual accounts from all the band members.

It begins with the beautiful mess they found themselves in during a 4th of July celebration in Nashville in 2005. Lead singer Marty Roe had been losing his voice and diminishing the credibility of the group for some time, and it became very obvious during that one show. This superstar group has had its share of struggles and ups and downs, both in their personal and professional lives. And it seems that they have truly learned that that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and that when we face trials and adversities in life, the really can be view as a beautiful mess. Through this journey they’ve learned to better cling to and lean on God to get them through and turn things around.

For any Diamond Rio fans out there, this is a great book. And it’s pretty great book for anyone who’s faced adversity too! This is a Thomas Nelson, NELSONfree book, which means that if you purchase the book, you may freely receive the book in both audio and ebook format as well.


Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio
By Diamond Rio
With Tom Roland

Can a band comprised of six very talented but very different musicians make a difference with their music?

What made it possible for Diamond Rio to weather the storms inherent in the fickle world of fame and fortune and go more than two decades without a single lineup change? Any reader in search of transparency and a behind-the-scenes look into the life of the band as a unit as well as the individual lives of the players and singers will be well satisfied. Can true loyalty exist within the competitive, seemingly unforgiving music industry? In A Beautiful Mess, Marty Roe, Dan Truman, Jimmy Olander, Brian Prout, Gene Johnson, and Dana Williams each has an entire chapter devoted to his personal and professional life. A Beautiful Mess is a wild ride from the edge of disaster and a little-known secret to an ongoing heart-warming revival.


  1. Good review. Sounds like a wild ride :) Thanks LA!

  2. I almost got this book but chose another one. I am glad I read your comment as I will certainly review it if it is still available. Thanks Lauren. Great review!

  3. Yes, Lauren I would love to have the other websites you review for. I love it! Thanks for the awesome comment. If a book is bad, I surely don't want to sugar coat anything about it. People need to know the truth and well, I am just the one.

    God bless you girl and I love you.