Friday, October 16, 2009

Women's Home Workout Bible ~ by Brad Schoenfeld

I am in love with this book! It is FANTASTIC! Women’s Home Workout Bible by Brad Schoenfeld is everything I’ve ever wanted in a workout resource, and much, much more! It is designed to help any woman set up a workout area in her own home, with budgets ranging from less than $100 to over $2500, depending on what the woman wants. The absolutely amazing thing is that Schoenfeld shows how to get a great, gym-style workout, for very little money.

There are hundreds of exercises, complete with large, easy to see photos and complete explanation, and often slight alternatives as well. The book is organized very well into sections that include body weight, balance balls, elastic bands, dumbbells, barbells and machines. And each section breaks down into shoulders and arms, torso, core, and lower body. It explains sets, reps, tools and equipment, and various workout jargons as well. There are several routines included, but it would be super easy to create your own routine.

The author also takes the time to discuss how or where to purchase equipment, new vs old, etc. This book includes everything to do a proper workout, whether for a slight, low-impact workout, for an intense, grueling workout, and anything in between.


Women’s Home Workout Bible
By Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS, CPT

Shed unwanted weight, sculpt your physique, tone muscles, reduce joint pain, or simply be healthier and more fit. Women's Home Workout Bible will show you how--all in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

In Women's Home Workout Bible, best-selling author and renowned personal trainer Brad Schoenfeld shares his secrets on the perfect at-home workout. Step by step, you'll identify the home gym setup and workouts for your fitness goals, schedule, and budget.

You'll learn how to set up your personal gym for as little as $100, or expand your options with more equipment for $500, $1000, or more than $2500. Whatever your budget, with over 160 exercises, you'll have plenty of variety, including bands, balls, free weights, and fitness machines.

Women's Home Workout Bible will then ensure you get the most out of your investment. You'll learn how to set up workouts and organize your training for noticeable results. To get you started, there are 12 four-week programs for conditioning, sculpting, and core stability, plus three levels of fat-burning cardio workouts. And with expert advice, exercise tips, and answers to the questions you always wanted to ask, it's like having your very own personal trainer and fitness consultant.

If you're ready to reclaim your body without the expense or scrutiny of public health clubs, you need Women's Home Workout Bible.


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