Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Power of Respect ~ by Deborah Norville

I’ve just finished reading The Power of Respect by Deborah Norville, and have to say I am very impressed! Deborah is best known as the anchor for Inside Edition, and this is not her first book, but it is the first by her that I’ve read. In it, Deborah delves deeply into the subject of respect, both giving and receiving, in all types of relationships. She clearly shows the often forgotten importance of respect in the family, business, organizations, schools, etc. She also looks at both self and others respect, and how closely self-respect is linked with self-image and confidence.

The book is filled with examples, studies, facts, stories, great quotes and even Scripture that will help anyone to become better at giving and receiving respect. It would be a good resource for parents, bosses, teachers, leaders, and anyone who is in a place of influence. It would also be a great book for those who see themselves as followers rather than leaders, though the truth is we all lead, influence and guide someone.


The Power of Respect
By Deborah Norville

Best-selling author and journalist Deborah Norville researches the importance of respect in our daily lives and in society as a whole.

Respect, a lost value in our world today, is the latest subject of research for Inside Edition anchor and best-selling author Deborah Norville. Citing scientific studies and using stories based on personal interviews, Norville reveals the importance and benefits of respect in many areas of our lives:

* Personally and with others
* Marriage and parenting
* Classrooms and education
* Business and leadership

Readers are reminded that how we look at ourselves and others determines our level of respect. And respect, when given, unleashes the power of goodwill that boomerangs back to the giver in the form of loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. This others-focused approach causes recipients to operate at higher levels of performance, increase productivity, improve relationships, and increase their overall effectiveness.

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