Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things Worth Remembering ~ by Jackina Stark

Things Worth Remembering by Jackina Stark is a book worth reading. It is a moving story depicting how easy it is to fracture a strong relationship, and how difficult it is to mend. Mother/daughter relationships can be complicated. Feelings for one another are often intense and long-lasting. For mother Kendy and her daughter Maisey, their once extremely close relationship is shattered one summer and hurt and anger begins to rule. Both must look deep within themselves, remembering and confronting painful issues in order to move forward.

This is a story of great depth, strong characters and a poignant portrayal of the importance of forgiveness, and how unforgiveness can cloak a life in darkness. The story is powerful and moving and will easily captivate the reader. This book is a great read for anyone who enjoys women’s contemporary fiction, but even more so for mothers and daughters to read and discuss together.

This book was provided to me for review by Bethany House Publishers.


Things Worth Remembering
By Jackina Stark

An Emotionally Gripping Story of Broken Relationships Restored

Kendy Laswell and her daughter, Maisey, used to do everything together--until one fateful summer when Maisey witnessed something she shouldn't have, and their relationship fractured. Now, Maisey is back home to get married and Kendy realizes this is her last chance to reconnect with her daughter. Will Kendy and Maisey be able to reclaim the bond they once shared?

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