Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jack Daniel's Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook

What a fantastic book/cookbook! The Jack Daniel’s Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook by Lynne Tolley & Pat Mitchamore is more than just a cookbook. Through the pages of this beautiful book, you’ll find recipes, stories, photos, traditions, and some of the folks who come from the lovely area of Lynchburg, Tennessee. This is a delightful portrayal of the life, character, food, drink, and history of the south.

The recipe sections include: Drinks (of course!), Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Vegetables, Breads, Entrees, Outdoor Cooking, Desserts, Cakes & Pies, and Accompaniments. There are plenty of recipes that include the famous Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, but many more that do not. In addition to the numerous recipes, this book shows a rich heritage of Southern living and hospitality. It is both interesting and informative, with the photos adding beauty and flavor. (Some of the photos are downright stunning!)

While I am not much of a cook myself, I do enjoy reading cookbooks. And this one just plain made me happy. I would recommend it to cooks of all levels, and even to those like me, who like to simply read cookbooks, look at the pretty pictures, and fantasize just a little about being a great cook!

This book was provided to me for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.


Jack Daniel’s Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook
By Lynne Tolley & Pat Mitchamore

The rich tradition of country cooking, the distinctive taste of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, and the heritage of rural America are all elegantly captured in Jack Daniel's The Spirit of Tennessee Cookbook. Included are more than 350 recipes, stunning full-color photographs, and stories of the people, places, and traditions of Middle Tennessee. Illustrated and indexed.

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