Monday, February 8, 2010

The Tap ~ by Frank McKinney

When I was first offered the opportunity to review this book, I really didn’t have high expectations. I thought it was another motivational book filled with empty promises, all fluff and no substance. I am very happy to say that I was wrong! This book surprised me in a very pleasant and refreshing way. The Tap is the latest book by renowned real estate “rock czar” Frank McKinney. The entire book is built around the scriptural passage Luke 12:48, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Yes, it is about success and prosperity, but where this book is different is that it places emphasis on the why, McKinney believes he, and everyone else too, is blessed to be a blessing.

We all have moments when we realize we have it within our power to help someone else, to look beyond ourselves, to make a difference in not only our world, but the world. He calls these moments The Tap. We are all “tapped” by God, to help in certain specific situations. These taps could be for something small and seemingly inconsequential, or they could be for something enormous, but they happen as often as we look for them too. McKinney is very real in sharing his relationship with God, with revealing his successes and with owning up to his mistakes. This is a surprise book for me, and a pleasant one at that!

This book was provided to me for review by Ascot Media Group.


The Tap

By Frank McKinney

Renowned real-estate 'rock czar' Frank McKinney reveals the most important spiritual principle of his astronomical success. He explains how God has tapped him (and taps everyone) many times in life, answering prayers and presenting life-changing opportunities.

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