Tuesday, February 23, 2010

66 Love Letters ~ Dr. Larry Crabb

66 Love Letters is the latest book by best-selling author and highly-esteemed psychologist and Christian counselor Dr. Larry Crabb. In it, he takes every book of the Bible and condenses it down to one paragraph, and then expands it into a letter, a love letter, from God. I’ve heard many times that the Bible is a love letter from God, and in this book, Dr. Crabb does a brilliant job of sharing it as such. From the very beginning, in Genesis, we’re shown how much God loves us and longs to have a relationship with us. We’re shown how He has a plan for our lives and if we will just trust Him, He will see it through. At the very end, Revelation, we’re shown the promise fulfilled, evil destroyed and a party begun. It is a wonderful collection of letters, to read and reread, to bring comfort and hope. Thank you, Lord, for your love!

The book is broken down into seven parts:

~ Part One: A Fall, A Promise, and the Story Begins (Love Letter One, Genesis – Love Letter Five, Deuteronomy)

~ Part Two: History Gives Away the Plot (Love Letter Six, Joshua – Love Letter Seventeen, Esther)

~ Part Three: Living in Mystery with Wisdom and Hope (Love Letter Eighteen, Job – Love Letter Twenty-Two, Song of Songs)

~ Part Four: A Word to the Foolish (Love Letter Twenty-Three, Isaiah – Love Letter Thirty-Nine, Malachi)

~ Part Five: The Hero Takes Center Stage (Love Letter Forty, Matthew – Love Letter Forty-Three, John)

~ Part Six: Clumsy People Take Dance Lessons (Love Letter Forty-Four, Acts – Love Letter Sixty-Five, Jude)

~ Part Seven: The Promise is Kept: Happiness Forever (Love Letter Sixty-Six, Revelation)

This book was provided to me for review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.


66 Love Letters

Dr. Larry Crabb

The story of God written in intimate love letters just for you.

Dr. Larry Crabb knows that if we could see the larger story of God and humanity, our world would never be the same. That story is found in large part in the sixty-six letters of the Bible.

Written in a conversational first person, as if God is speaking directly to us, Dr. Crabb looks at each individual book in scripture and boils it down to a one- or two-sentence message to us from that particular book. He then unpacks each sentence in a short chapter answering the question, What does God want me to hear from this love letter? The book's epilogue then fits all sixty-six pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together into one coherent paragraph and reveals the beautiful picture of what God has been about since the creation of the world. Far from being comprehensive, this is a personal approach to helping readers know God and his great love for them, his message for all mankind, and how their lives fit into His larger story.

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  1. I received this book in the mail just a few days ago, and I'm really looking forward to what it will reveal from God's Word. I've started reading but I haven't gotten far enough to really benefit from it. I have high hopes for it though. Thanks for giving a little preview!