Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Long Insecurity ~ by Beth Moore

So Long, Insecurity is the latest book by Bible teacher and author, Beth Moore. In her familiar, yet distinctive style, she boldly approaches this topic, sharing her own experiences, and offering research, insight and a biblical perspective. If you’ve ever felt insecurity, you’re not alone. It plagues most women (I suspect men to, but the book is about women), to varying degrees, from somewhat mild to downright paralyzing. And there is so much to be insecure about – our looks, our weight, our intelligence, our family of origin, the mistakes we’ve made, the kind of mother, friend, wife, etc. that we are. So we look elsewhere for our security, and the only place we will ever find the security we so long for, is in Jesus. For anyone who’s ever struggled with this issue, this book is written for them. It is freeing and can even be life changing for anyone who allows it.

This book was provided to me for review by Tyndale House Publishers.


So Long, Insecurity : you’ve been a bad friend to us

By Beth Moore

Perhaps one of the biggest issues all women face is their own insecurity. Beth Moore, one of todays most admired and trusted Christian writers, wants women to be free from the insecurity trap. So Long, Insecurity will strike a chord with women everywhere, as Beth speaks truth into the lives of readers, showing them how to deal with their innermost fears, rediscover their God-given dignity, and develop a whole new perspective—a stronger sense of self. Women of all ages and backgrounds will resonate with this message of security and discover truths that will free them emotionally and spiritually and lead them to a better life as they walk with God.

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  1. I've heard many good things about Beth Moore's writings and her understanding of God's Word. I recently bought her book "Praying God's Word," but haven't had a chance to read it yet. I want to read it with my husband but we've been to busy. I wonder have you read it? (If so what did you think..?)

    Thanks for the post, I really like what I see of your blog so far, I plan to follow.