Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Room at the Inn

Hunger, homelessness and hopelessness. Most of us know it’s out there, but if we’re fortunate, it doesn’t touch us. We don’t experience it. In fact, most of us don’t even know someone who has experienced it. But it’s out there ~ and closer than we may realize. No Room at the Inn is a multi-media Christmas experience that is a part of The Hungry Planet Bible Project. It includes a CD and DVD featuring the homeless and hungry reading from the Christmas story, statistics, resources, and ideas to help. It is guaranteed to open our eyes to the anguish and poverty around the world, and right here in America. It will help us to open our eyes, hearts and hands, and be moved to action. As Christians we should have a heart to help in one way or another. I highly recommend this experience.

This book was provided to me for review by Tyndale House Publishers.


No Room at the Inn
The Hungry Planet Bible Project

No Room at the Inn is part of The Hungry Planet Bible Project. No Room at the Inn is an Advent devotional experience that helps readers prepare their hearts to celebrate the birth of Christ. Through compelling stories, Scripture readings, and application, readers will learn what it means to “love your neighbor.”

But what is The Hungry Planet Bible Project? The Hungry Planet Bible Project is raising awareness of the plight of the homeless and hungry. It will mobilize the church into action on behalf of the poor. The Hungry Planet Bible Project is traveling 10,000 miles across America to dozens of cities and rural communities, giving a face and a voice to the hungry and homeless.

Using cutting-edge interactive multimedia, the experience they bring utilizes video, audio, print, photography, an interactive travelogue, social networking, forums, prayer walls, and donation sites to inspire us to put our faith into action on behalf of the poor. Along with their recitation of Scripture, the homeless and hungry will bless and teach us through their emotional stories of failure, life, and faith. This major initiative brings together retailers, churches, the media, food pantries, homeless shelters and other organizations to help us as Christians achieve the ministry goals God has laid on our hearts.

DVD-ROM Features:
~ The Christmas story as narrated by the homeless and hungry
~ Behind-the-scenes mini documentary highlighting the Hungry Planet Bible Project
~ Small Group Discussion Guide with ideas for coordinating a church or neighborhood food drive
~ Creative ways to help make life more comfortable for those in need
~ Triumphant stories of hope and courage in the midst of pain and sorrow

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