Thursday, August 13, 2009

Eldala ~ by Michelle Gregory

I am so excited to be doing this review! Written by a friend thorough my writing group Christian Writers of the West, Michelle Gregory, Eldala is categorized as a young adult, fantasy novel. And it is good! Seriously, I couldn’t put it down! I was completely drawn into the characters and swept away by the story. It is completely captivating, romantic, thrilling and magical. The story moves quickly and contains intrigue, evil, destiny, friendship and love. Michelle skillfully weaves the beauty of goodness and love with the despair of evil into a tapestry of hope and renewal.


By Michelle Gregory

You now have a choice, and it will take great courage to choose the right. From this moment on, you will be walking the path between who you are now and who you were born to be. All I’m asking you to do is to let yourself make the journey. ~ Arathor

Kieran's blood boils every time he hears about the abuse handed down by Teleria's nobility. But years of hiding in his father's smithy have taught him to avoid trouble. Content with being a blacksmith, the only disruptions in his well-ordered life are his disturbing dreams. It isn't until his twentieth birthday, when he receives a mysterious letter and sword from King Arathor - the man who claims to be his real father - that he wonders if his nightmares have become reality. If he believes Arathor, he will have a chance to end a twenty-year curse over Teleria, and free the people from King Rahnak's oppression. But it could also mean giving up his quest to find the mysterious woman with whom he shares an intimate heart connection.

Author Bio:
Michelle Gregory
is a mom of three, married to a wonderful man, and trying to fit writing into a life filled with taekwondo, doctor appointments, church, and homeschooling her kids. Before 2005, she had no idea that she wanted to write, or that she even had a story in me. Since writing her first novel, she’s discovered that she have many stories inside me, all clamoring for her attention. You can learn more about Michelle at her blog, Beautiful Chaos.


  1. I would love to be entered to win this book! Sounds awesome!


  2. the beauty of goodness and love with the despair of evil into a tapestry of hope and renewal.

    can't wait! I have this on my shelf :) Great review!

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