Friday, January 16, 2009

Coral Moon by Brandilyn Collins

Hi, my name is Tracy, and I’m an addict! I have finished the book Coral Moon, which is the second in the Kanner Lake Series by Brandilyn Collins. Brandilyn is known for her trademark Seatbelt Suspense and with Coral Moon she did not disappoint.

Ok, I normally like suspense and drama, but this was downright scary! There is a killer loose in Kanner Lake, but the twist is the supernatural element. Darkness permeates the town and things are not what they seem. There are twists and turns which will draw your breath. As much as I almost couldn’t put it down, I would not read it at night. Brandilyn doesn’t leave us hanging though, she clearly shows that we need not fear the darkness when we have the Light.

The small town of Kanner Lake is as charming as ever, even with the cloud of darkness which hangs over it in this one. We get to know the townsfolk a bit better and spend a little more time in the Java Joint, which is the town’s coffee shop. This really was a thrilling, but scary read and I’m glad I started, but was even more glad when I finished! It’s time now for me to get my next fix. Crimson Eve, I’m coming for you…


Crimson Eve
by Brandilyn Collins

Leslie Williams hurries out to her car on a typical workday morning – and discovers a dead body inside. Why was the corpse left for her to find? And what is the meaning of the message pinned to its chest?

In Coral Moon, the senseless murder of a beloved Kanner Lake citizen spirals the small Idaho town into a terrifying glimpse of spiritual forces beyond our world. What appears true seems impossible. Or is it?


  1. Thanks, Tracy. So glad you enjoyed my "ghost book." :]

    Blessings, ~ Brandilyn

  2. Great review, Tracy! I always like the suspense of a murder mystery. I'll have to pick it up!