Friday, July 3, 2009

Find Your Balance in an Out of Balance World by Barbara Tessari

I’ve just finished reading Finding Your Balance in an Out of Balance World ~ How to Get Over Too Much Food, Too Little Time, Too Many Excuses and Take Care of Yourself. Long title and subtitle, but well worth the read. Author Barbara Tessari is a Lifestyle Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker, and a former overweight, over-tired person herself. In this book she shares her insights and secrets. What are these insights and secrets? Well it’s not a new fad diet or exercise routine. Barbara goes old-school, using good old-fashioned common sense and advice given by grandmothers and mothers not too long ago.

In Find Your Balance, Barbara focuses on the basics like calories in vs. calories out, simple nutrition, and choosing to be more physically active, whether at a gym, at home, or while you’re out and about doing life. She also shows us how easily sabotaged we are by eating out (a favorite of mine). Barbara reminds us of “Grandma’s Rules” which were/are: Eat three square meals a day, you can’t have dessert until you finish dinner, eat your vegetables, don’t leave the house without breakfast, if you’ll eat too much you’ll get a bellyache, don’t spoil your dinner, go out and play, and go work up an appetite.

There is nothing “new” in this book, it just takes us back to common sense and good nutrition. Thirty or forty years ago, when these “rules” were the norm, obesity was the exception, not an epidemic. She shows how things in the realms of “diet” and “exercise” have gotten so complicated and confusing. I really liked this book because it was simple cuts through all the “do’s and don’ts” and contradictory, biased, information we normally get from this program or that. It’s an easy read and full of great old and uncomplicated information.

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