Monday, July 6, 2009

Between Wyomings by Ken Mansfield

I’ve been reading a very interesting book, Between Wyomings ~ My God and an iPod, by Ken Mansfield. This is a look back at his life and times as a music executive and producer. Throughout his long and illustrious career, Ken worked with such musical greats as The Beatles, Waylon Jennings, Roy Orbison, Don Ho, Willie Nelson, and more. This memoir has it all – drugs, rock and roll, country and Outlaws, good times and bad, the peaks of success, the depths of failure, and somewhere in the midst of it all, he found his way to the love of his life and to God.

Between Wyomings is a fascinating read, with colorful stories, melancholic musings and a powerful testimony. It begins with a cross-country road trip with his wife, in a van they’ve appropriately named Moses. The pages show a life of pride and humility, excess and lack, emptiness and fullness, and a life lived for self then a life lived for God. Perhaps because of his decades of experience in the music business, Ken writes in a way that is almost lyrical. If I listen hard enough, I can almost hear the melody and cadence of his life. Several times I even laughed out loud, at both his stories and his humor. I was particularly touched by his passion for Jesus.


Between Wyomings
By Ken Mansfield

Join Ken Mansfield on a road trip through the canyons of Hollywood, the outlaw alleys of Nashville, and the backstreets of his soul as this Grammy Award-winning producer recreates his journey through the lush landscapes of success and the deserts that led him home.

For three decades, Ken Mansfield lived the heady life of a record executive and friend to such cultural icons as the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Dolly Parton, and Waylon Jennings. Along the way, he collected a Grammy, number-one albums, and a disquiet that he pushed soul-deep. Between Wyomings invites readers to travel with him on a tender journey that calls readers to reflect on the highways of their own lives and the deserts that press them into the heart of a Creator who has been there all along. As Ken discovers, sometimes when we see how lost we are, we can finally begin to find home.

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  1. This sounds right up my alley, Lauryn. I'll have to check this one out.