Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girls Life Application Study Bible ~ NLT

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review this Girls Life Application Study Bible. As the mother of a girl, it is my heart’s desire that she would love the Lord and His Word. This Bible will be perfect for her (she’s still too young now, but I’m keeping it for her)! It is the New Living Translation, so it’s easy to read, with a lot of features that are specific to young girls. The color and design will be especially pleasing to most young ladies. I especially thought “What Now?” (learning how to make good choices in tough times) and “I Survived!” (personal survival stories from older teens about how they made it through) would be especially helpful for today’s young ladies. It is fun, colorful, zany and full of great information in addition to Scripture. It’s hard being young today, especially for a girl, and a stiff, stuffy old Bible won’t speak to girls in a way that can be heard by them, but a Bible like this surely will.

This book was provided to me for review by Tyndale House Publishers.


Girls Life Application Study Bible

New Living Translation

An edition of God’s Word created for girls ages 11 and up, based on the best-selling Life Application Study Bible. Packed full of notes and features, the Girls Life Application Study Bible is easy to use and helps answer some of the questions preteen girls have about God and life. Discovering God’s will for their lives has never been this much fun!

~ “What Now?” Learn how to make good choices in tough times

~ “I Survived!” Personal survival stories from older teens about how they made it

~ “Amazing Facts” Bible trivia

~ “At a Glance”—the lives of famous women in the Bible—good and bad—become lessons for teens

~ “Is It OK?” A reality check on what the Bible says about the questions that are really on your mind

~ 2-color interior; 16 pages of full-color illustrations about Bible times

~ Book introductions and timelines

~ Charts and 3-dimensional maps

~ Unique colored pattern on outside of page edges

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