Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Middle Fork by Rick Glaze

I’ve recently finished The Middle Fork: A Political Novel by Rick Glaze. It combines the thrill of kayaking, the polarization caused by politics, and both the beauty and danger of nature. Also, there’s a bit of romance thrown in, which frankly seemed unnecessary. The book overall was interesting, but was not as exciting as I had thought. Though, perhaps it mirrored an actual kayaking trip – parts slow and lazy, kind of like you’re not getting anywhere, while other parts were fast and thrilling, and simply swept you away.

The dialog was completely believable, given the current political climate. Subjects tacked include global warming, illegal immigration and war. There were moments of sharp bickering between individuals, but when a flash flood turns the river violent and danger is imminent, arguments and personal judgments suddenly become unimportant. They realize they must set aside their personal feelings and work together, just to survive.

The Middle Fork is a short book (only 141 pages), and an easy read. If politics or kayaking is your thing, you may like this book. For others though, it’s probably just ok.

Authors note: This is not to be considered a Christian fiction book, and “Jesus Christ” is used solely for profanity purposes.


The Middle Fork: A Political Novel
by Rick Glaze

Jonathan and an old college friend join a group of kayakers in a trip down Idaho’s Salmon River in what is supposed to be a relaxing getaway from everyday life. However, the exhilarating runs over the rapids quickly take a backseat to heated political debates in camp and on the river. Disparate personalities and political parties spark strong opinions and heightened emotions, creating tension within the small group. But when a thunderstorm turns into a violent flash flood, the group finds they must put aside their differences if they want to make it off the river alive.

Packed full of action, The Middle Fork hits on current hot-button political issues, like global warming, war and illegal immigration, providing sharp political discussion fueled by adrenaline and suspense.

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  1. Thanks, Tracy, for reviewing "The Middle Fork". Many readers have enjoyed viewing the Idaho wilderness from the seat of a kayak, and the passions aroused by hot-button politics do serve to punctuate the experience. All the best,
    Rick Glaze