Monday, April 6, 2009

Expecting by Marla Taviano

So, I’ve been doing book reviews for awhile now. And I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed doing it. After all, it does combine two of my passions – reading and writing. Some of the books I review are simply books I have bought for myself, or have received as gifts. Many others though, are sent to me from publishers or authors, who would like to get word out about that particular book. I just received one such book.

Expecting: Praying for Your Child’s Development – Body and Soul by Marla Taviano is truly a WONDERFUL book! This little book is power-packed and full of wisdom. It goes through pregnancy week by week, for all forty weeks, with a snippet of mommy’s and baby’s development for that week. It also includes a quote and Scripture verse pertinent for that week, and a prayer for the baby. Each week, or chapter, covers a specific topic, from the release of the egg, to conception, to hands, gender, vocal cords, hearing, organs, bone marrow, face, etc. At the end of each chapter there is a page for writing your thoughts, memories, reflections, verses you like, etc.

Expecting is a must have book for any pregnant woman, or any woman who is trying to conceive. In fact, it would be the perfect pregnancy gift, but don’t wait until the shower, because you wouldn’t want her to miss all of the prayers and scriptures from the earlier weeks. I absolutely love this book! I only wish it would have been available when I was expecting Sweet Pea!


Expecting: Praying for Your Child’s Development – Body and Soul
By Marla Taviano

Wrap Your New Baby in Prayer

Just as the heart of your baby begins to beat and as little ears take shape, speak words of prayer asking for a heart that beats for God and for ears that listen for His leading. This beautiful prayer book will guide you as you pray for your child's physical growth as well as his or her spiritual growth. The precious forty weeks of creation will become even more meaningful as you reflect on the illustrations that depict your baby's development.

Each week you will be blessed with:
· A prayer for your child's body and soul
· A devotional message
· A carefully selected scripture
· An inspirational quote
· A "body and soul" reflection for mom
· A space for you to journal your own thoughts and prayers

Create a keepsake you and your child will cherish forever


  1. They sound like awesome books!

    Pryaing with you and for you!

    Love - Jill

    I should be able to make the header later this week :)

  2. This sounds precious. I'll be recommending it!

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Tracy! I'm so glad you like it. :)

  4. I will definitely make note of this book to give as shower gift, or any gift to an expectant mom.