Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leather and Lace by Diann Mills

I found this book to be a delightful read. Leather and Lace is the first book in the Texas Legacy series. It had just the right mixture of romance, redemption, drama and action. I really enjoyed Casey O’Hare, the main character. She was a flawed young woman, strong and determined, searching for a fresh start from the violence of her past, spent with a gang of outlaws. On her journey she meets a man with a score to settle. Morgan Andrews once was a good and Godly man, but has become angry and bitter, bent on vengeance. Casey doesn’t really know if he will ultimately help or hinder her journey. Further complicating her escape, are the numerous Wanted Posters with her face and name on them, but are they justified, is she as bad as her reputation portrays her to be?

The setting mostly takes place in Texas in 1883. The plot moves along well, at a good pace, with some surprising twists and turns. Some of it’s not very pretty, but that merely adds to the authentic feel. I was drawn in to the lives of the characters, thought they were thoroughly believable and enjoyed their journey. Mills promises her readers to “expect an adventure” and she most certainly accomplished that. I look forward to the 2nd book in the Texas Legacy series, Lanterns and Lace.


Leather and Lace
by Diann Mills

It’s a perfect time to ride out of here. They won’t be back for hours, maybe not ‘til tomorrow with this storm coming. A good rain will hide my tracks… make it harder to trail me. She could do it alone. She could stop the wishing and dreaming and change her sordid life. I will not become like them. Somewhere in this wide country was a place called home – and she’d find it.

Casey O’Hare forsakes the years she spent in an outlaw gang for a chance to start her life anew. But no one leaves Dave Jenkins and lives. Pursued by the gang, Casey is trapped by a mysterious stranger who takes her as a pawn to get to Jenkins. A strikingly handsome lawyer, could this Morgan Andrews be an angel sent to deliver her – or the devil setting her up for the kill?


  1. Sounds like an adventurous and exciting read! I work at the Family Christian stores so i will look it up and be sure to recommend it to other readers.. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you for sharing it! Good review, Tracy!

  3. Tamela - It was a good read. I'm happy you can pass that on to your customers.

    KM - Your welcome! I love doing reviews - it just naturally goes along with loving to read and to write! ;-)